Approximate Image Size Chart In Inches & Approximate Pricing, Depending On Intended Usage

  • Small 7 x 4.7  ($20)
  • Medium 11 x 7.3 ($50)
  • Large 15 x 10 ($70)
  • Full Hi-Resolution Camera Size (negotiable)

Ordering Digital Images

All images on this site are copyright but available for sale. Pricing is negotiable, depending on intended and authorized use.

Payment may be made using interac e-transfer or PayPal, which allows you to use a Credit Card. 

You must contact El and identify the image(s) that have tweaked your interest. Please use the CONTACT page to provide details and El will contact you and send you a quote and a payment link.

Within 1 business day of placing your order and making your payment, El will email your image(s) to an email address that you provide.

Other Formats

  • Printed images
  • Printed and framed images
  • Puzzles (existing images, photo shoot, submitted images)
  • Custom Calendars
  • … and more
  • ask for details and pricing